Lace Fringe Stole

Published: 21/10/22
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Lace Fringe Stole

Lace Fringe Stole

Size: Width = 60 cm. Length = 160 cm without fringes


Yarn: 150 g (30% mohair, 70% Acrilic, yardage = 650 m/100 g); 1 pair quick knit needles size 4 cm (US 6) and one crochet hook size 2,5 cm (US B).

Garter stitch: workt on RS and WS rows K.

Lace Pattern:

Work according to chart. Only RS rows are shown.

On WS rows, work all sts and yo's P.

Begin with 1 edge st and sts before patt rep, work patt rep throughout, end with sts after patt rep and 1 edge st.

Repeat Rows 1-18 throughout.

Flower: Work according to crochet chart.

Gauge: 16 sts and 25 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Cast on 83 sts + 2 edge sts and work 450 rows in Lace Pattern, then bind off all sts.

Pick up 225 sts along the long edges of the stole and work 4 rows in gst, then bind off all sts.


Cut 5 strands of approx. 45 cm each. 

Fold the strands double and pull the loop through a st along the short side of stole every 2 cm, then pull yarn ends through the loop. 

Then cut the ends so that they are even.

Work 10 flowers according to crochet chart and sew on the short sides of the stole.

stole chart