Purple Top (knit and crochet)

Published: 01/08/10
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Purple Top (knit and crochet)
Size: 38/40, 42/44, 46/48
Material: No. 3 needles. No. 2 1/2 metal crochet hook. 1.5 m. of black and orange cord. 4 wooden beads with holes for threading.
1. Scallops: see chart.
2. Mixed stitch.
3. Ribbon stitch.
4.1/1 rib stitch.
5. Crab stitch.
Lace edging: using crochet hook, work 10 (11-12) scallops (see chart) and join together to form lace edging (see chart).
Back: using no. 3 needles, pick up half the scallops (135 st.) (149-162) and work in mixed st.. When work measures 29.5 cm. (31.5-33.5), work 2 rows in ribbon st. (101 st.) (111-121). Cont. in 1/1 rib st.
When work measures 34.5 cm. (37.5-40.5), shape armholes by deer, each side every 2 rows as follows: 4-3-2 and 1 st. (4-3-3-2 and 1 st. - 4-4-3-2-2 and 1 st.) (81 st.) (85-89).
When work measures 37.5 cm. (40.5-43.5), cast off all st. straight.
Front: work same as for back, but when work measures 35.5 cm. (38.5-41.5), shape neck edge by deer. 1 centre st. and cont. each side separately.
Cont., deer. 1 st. each row, 20 st. from edge, 20 times (1 St., 22 times -1 St., 24 times).
There are 20 st. rem.
Cont. straight, and 38 cm. from beginning of neck edge, cast off all st. straight.
FINISHING: sew seams and sew straps to back, starting at armhole.
With crochet hook, work 1 row in crab st. around armhole decreases.
Join the 2 cords and thread through casing, starting at centre front.
Thread beads onto ends and secure with a knot.
Repeat from * to*.