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Pullover in Leaf Pattern

Published: 05/10/17
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Pullover in Leaf Pattern

pulloverSize: 10 (US 6)


Yarn: 400 g (100% Cotton); needles size 4 mm (US 6).

Stockinette stitch (St st): work RS rows K and WS rows P.

Leaf Pattern: Foll Chart. 

Loosen sts for waves.

On WS rows, work all sts and yos P. 

Beg with 1 selv st and sts before patt, rep patt, end with sts after patt and 1 selv st.

Work rows 1-38 once, then rep rows 21-38 throughout.

Gauge: 19 sts = 10 сm.

Back and Front:

Cast on 85 sts and work in Leaf Pattern. 

When piece measures 41 cm from cast on, for armhole shaping, bind off 7 sts at each end = 71 sts.

Cont even. When armhole meas 19 cm, bind off sts. 

Rep for other piece.


Cast on 57 sts loosely and work 30 rows in Leaf Pattern.

Cont in St st. 

Cap Shaping: When piece measures 30 cm from cast on, at both ends bind off 4 sts 6 times loosely. Then bind off rem 9 sts.


Sew shoulder seams (7 cm each). 

Sew side and sleeve seams. Leave 3 cm at top open.

Set in sleeves matching sleeve center with shoulder seam. Sew open 3 cm of sleeve tog with bound-off sts of armhole at right angle.

pullover chart

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