Tunic in Lace Pattern

Published: 12/12/18
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Tunic in Lace Pattern

tunicSizes: M-L


300 g of orange half-wool yarn; 1 pair quick knit needles size 3 mm (US 2.5); crochet hook size 3 (US C); satin ribbon.

Upper piece (with needles):  


Cast on 118 sts and work acc to chart 1 as foll: selv st + 116 sts (= 4 patt reps over 29 sts) + selv st. 

Work 10 row reps and bind off all sts.

Right Front: 

Cast on 60 sts (= 1 selv st + 58 sts (= 2 patt reps over 29 sts) + 1 selv st) and work 7 row reps. 

Neckline: at left end, dec 1 st on every 2nd row until there are 31 sts. 

Cont even. When piece matches back, bind off all sts. 

Left Front: Work in reverse.


Cast on 58 sts + 2 selv sts = 60 sts (= 1 selv st + 58 sts (= 2 patt reps over 29 sts) + 1 selv st) and work 2 row reps. 

Cap Shaping: Bind off 8 sts each side.

Cont to work until all sts have been bound off. 

Lower piece (with crochet hook): 

Work acc to chart 2 as foll: individual lace bands for 2 sleeves and one front as well as one general lace band for back and other front. 


Sew shoulder seams.

Sew side seams leaving 20 cm open for sleeves.

Join lace pieces to knitted pieces with single crochet.   

With crochet hook, work edges in Eyelet Pattern. Work 4 sc betw bobbles.  

Sew on buttons and adorn with satin ribbon.

jpgChart crochet and pattern