Top with Lace Panels

Published: 18/07/19
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Top with Lace Panels

Sizes: XS/S


Yarn: 300 g (100% Cotton, yardage = 125 m/50 g); 1 pair quick knit needles size 2.5 mm (US 1.5).

Small Seed Stitch: alt K1, P1. Move pattern on each row.

Garter stitch: Work RS rows and WS rows K.

Stocking stitch (St st): Work RS rows K and WS rows P.

Lace Pattern: Multiple of 24 + 23 center sts + 2 selv sts.

Work acc to chart 1. Only RS rows are shown. On WS rows, work all sts as they appear or as established, work yos P. 

Beg with 1 selv st and 1 yo before 1st patt rep, work 1st patt rep throughout, work center 23 sts betw patt reps, then work 2nd patt rep throughout, end with 1 yo after 2nd patt rep and 1 selv st. 

Work Rows 1-22 once.

Eyelet Pattern: Multiple of 4 + 7 center sts + 2 selv sts.

Work as given for Lace Pattern, but work acс to chart 2. 

Work Rows 1-6 once. 

s2kpo = sl center st and prev st tog kwise, K1, pass two slipped stitches over 

On WS rows, work center st P.

Pattern sequence: 

6 rows in Small Seed Stitch, * 22 rows in Lace Pattern, 4 rows in St st, 4 rows in gst, 4 rows in St st, 2 rows in St st, 6 rows in Eyelet Pattern, 6 rows in St st, 2 rows in gst, 4 rows in St st, rep from * once, end with 10 rows in Lace Pattern and 4 rows in gst = 128 rows.


V-shape is obtained as a result of incs and decs evenly spaced across.

To do that, work s2kpo in the middle of every RS row. For alignment, inc 1 st at each end after or before selv st working sts into patt. 

In this way, the number of sts remains constant until armholes. 

In Lace Pattern and Eyelet Pattern, center decs are marked. 

Incs are obtained due to 1st or last yo resulting from pattern, or due to worked crossed sts.

Gauge: in patt sequence, 25 sts and 40 rows = 10 x 10 сm.


Cast on 97 sts, mark center st and work in sequence with decs. 

After 18 cm = 72 rows from cast on, do not work incs 7 times at each end for armholes, but cont working decs in the middle = 83 sts. 

After 21.5 cm = 86 rows from cast on, cast on 23 more sts at each end for shoulder stripe = 129 sts. 

Cont in sequence as established. Do not work edge incs 21 times at each end, but cont working decs in the middle. 

There are 101 sts on needles by the beg of 3rd lace panel (ater 28.5 cm = 114 rows from cast on).

Work Lace Pattern as described. To compensate for 1st or last yo resulting from patt, work K2tog at beg of every RS row after selv st, and work skpo at end of row before selv st.

Cont until work meas 32 cm = 128 rows from cast on. Bind off rem 87 sts.

Work same for back.


Sew shoulder and side seams.

top chart