Sweater in Fancy Pattern

Published: 17/10/19
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Sweater in Fancy Pattern


Yarn: 400 g; needles size 4.5 mm (US 7).

Rib Pattern: K1, P1 Rib.

Fancy Pattern: 

Work according to chart. RS and WS rows are shown.

Repeat Rows 1-8 throughout.


19 sts = 10 cm over Fancy Pattern.


Cast on 80 sts and work in Fancy Pattern.

The first row corresponds to the wrong side, thus work in reverse as the sts are shown as they appear on the right side.

Armhole Shaping: When piece measures 36 cm from beg, bind off 6 sts at each end. Then work even with 2 selv K sts as the pattern is divided in half when binding off sts.

When armhole measures 19 cm, bind off rem 68 shoulder sts loosely. 


Work like back, but with neckline.

To do that, when armhole meas 12 cm from beg, bind off center 14 sts and complete both sides separately.

For rounding at inside edge bind off 4 sts once, 3 sts once, 2 sts once and 1 st once. 

When armhole meas 19 cm from beg, bind off rem 17 sts each side for shoulders.


Cast on 41 sts and work in Fancy Pattern.

Sleeve Shaping: Inc 1 stitch every 6th row 10 times at each end = 61 sts.

Cap Shaping: When piece measures 45 cm from cast on, bind off 4 sts 4 times at each end, and then bind off rem 29 sts.


Sew one shoulder seam.

Collar: Pick up 91 sts evenly around neck edge and work 16 cm in Rib Patt. Then bind off all sts loosely as they appear.

Sew second shoulder seam with collar given that it should be folded to the outside. 

Sew side seams and sleeve seams all along. Leave 3 cm open at top.

Set in sleeves matching sleeve center with shoulder seam. Sew open 3 cm of sleeve tog with bound-off sts of armhole at right angle.

sweater chart

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