Sweater in Diamond Pattern

Published: 21/03/16
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Sweater in Diamond Pattern

Size: 14.


Yarn: 500 g (50% Wool, 50% Acrylic, yardage = 280 m/100 g); one circular needle size US 2,5 (3 mm), three buttons. 

Rib Pattern: * K1, P1, rep from * throughout.

Diamond Pattern: 

Work according to chart 1. Only RS rows are shown. On WS rows, work sts as they appear.  

Repeat Rows 1-44 throughout.

Lace Pattern:

Work according to chart 2. Only RS rows are shown. 

On WS rows work all sts as they appear, purl yos.

Work rows 1 - 12 once, then rep rows 3-12.


Cast on 72 sts and work 5 cm in Rib Pattern for border.

Cont to work in Diamond pattern. 

For the Armhole Shaping, after 37 cm from beg, bind off at each end 4 sts once, then on every 2nd row 2 sts once, 1 st 3 times.

When piece measures 57 cm from beg, bind off rem sts.


Cast on 72 sts and work 5 cm in Rib Patt for border, on the last WS row inc 3 sts evenly spaced across = 75 sts.

Work in pats as foll: selv st, Dimond Pat sts 6 - 35 of Chart, 13 sts in Lace Patt, Dimond Pat sts 1 - 30 of Chart, selv st.  

When piece measures 52 cm from beg, bind off center 15 sts and complete both sides separately.  

Bind off on every 2nd row 3 sts once, 1 st twice at neck edge for inner rounding. 

When piece measures 57 cm from beg, bind off rem sts.


Join shoulder seams. 

On either side of shoulder seam along the upper side of front and back pick up 9 sts and work in Diamond Pattern.  

For the Cap shaping, at each end from selvage st of the Armhole to create 1 st, working inc sts into Diamond Pattern. 

In places rounding at each end inc 2 sts once, 4 sts once, then work lower piece of the sleeve.  

For sleeve shaping, dec 1st each side every 6th row 10 time.  

When piece measures 32 cm from underarm, work in Rib Pattern.  

When piece measures 37 cm from underarm, bind off all sts. 


Join side seams. 

Sew sleeve seams, then sew sleeves into armholes. 

For the collar, pick up sts evenly around neck edge and work 6 cm in Rib Pattern. 

Then bind off all sts.

Sew on buttons.

Sweater chart