Sideways Pullover with Diamonds

Published: 13/03/19
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Sideways Pullover with Diamonds

Sizes: S-M


Yarn: 300 g (40% Alpaca, 60% Wool, yardage = 300 m/100 g); quick knit needles sizes 3 and 3.5 mm (US 2.5 and 4).

Rib Pattern: K2, P2 Rib. 

Basic Pattern:

Work according to chart. Only RS rows are shown.

On WS rows, work all sts as they appear.

Beg with sleeve acc to chart. 

Chart only shows 1/4 of sleeve. Work other parts symmetrically acc to pattern chart. 

Having reached section A1-B, cont acc to chart. Beg with section B-C, work patt symmetrically, i.e. work in reverse.

Using needles size 3 mm, cast on 66 sts and work 6 cm in Rib Patt. 

Cont to work according to chart with 3.5 mm needles. 

Having reached Row 73 (A point), divide work in half and shape neck. 

Place one part of sts onto cn. Work 108 rows over other part. 

Then work 108 rows of the 1st part and bring all sts tog. 

End with 6 cm in Rib Patt on sleeve. 


Sew side and sleeve seams.

For neckband, with circular needle pick up sts evenly around bottom edge (92 sts for front and 92 sts for back). Then work 7 cm in rnds in Rib Pattern. 

Then bind off all sts in patt.

pullover chart