Pullover with Leaf Pattern

Published: 16/08/18
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Pullover with Leaf Pattern

Size: 10 (US 6).


Yarn: 500 g (50% Cotton, 50% Acrylic, yardage = 280 m/100 g); one pair quick knit needles and one circular needle, both size 4 mm (US 6).

Stockinette stitch (St st): Work RS rows K and WS rows P.

Rib Pattern: alt K1, P1.

Leaf Pattern: 

Work acc to сhart. Only RS rows are shown.

On WS rows work all sts as they appear, purl yos.

Repeat Rows 1-12 throughout.


Pullover is worked in one piece top down.


Cast on 142 sts and work 3 cm in Rib Pattern in rnds for band.

Cont as foll: for back - 55 sts in St st, for raglan line - K2, for right sleeve - 20 sts in St st, 20 sts in Leaf Pattern, for front - 3 sts in St st, for left sleeve - 20 sts in Leaf Pattern (acc to chart 1 symmetrically), 20 sts in St st, for raglan line - K2.

For back, on both sides from raglan line, inc 1 st of yo 26 times on every 2nd row; for front, inc 2 sts before and after Leaf Pattern on every row.   

When piece meas 20 cm from cast on, set aside sleeve sts. Join front sts and back sts tog and work in St st.

When piece meas 47 cm from cast on, work 6 cm in Rib Patt for band and bind off sts.


Slip sleeve sts on regular needles and work back and forth in rows.

When piece meas 54 cm from cast on, work 5 cm in Rib Patt and bind off sts.


Sew sleeve seams.

pullover chart