Pullover in Fancy Pattern

Published: 29/08/18
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Pullover in Fancy Pattern

pulloverSizes: 10/12 (US 6/8).


Yarn: 500 g (70% Acrylic, 30% Wool, yardage = 166 m/100 g); quick knit needles sizes 5 and 6 mm (US 8 and 10) and circular needles sizes 6 and 14 mm (US 10 and 18) as well as stitch holders.

Rib Patt: K2, * P2, K2, rep from *.

St st: k on RS rows, p on WS rows.

Seed Stitch:

Row 1: alt K1, P1.

Row 2 and further rows: K1, P1. Move 1 st over.

Fancy Pattern 1: work according to chart.

Fancy Pattern 2:

Row 1: * K3, 1 yo, K3tog, 1 yo, *.

2nd and all further even rows: purl.

Row 3: * K3tog, 1 yo, K3, 1 yo.

Row 5: Rep Row 1.


16 sts and 22 rows = 10 x 10 cm, with needles size 6 mm in Fancy Pattern 2.

Back and front are worked in same way. 

Beg from top in rnds.

With circular needle size 6 mm, cast on 110 sts and join to work in the rnd, then work in Fancy Patt 1 acc to chart. 

Work patt rep 5 times from * to *. Empty spaces indicate no stitch.

After 68 rows there are 240 sts on needles. Then cont in Fancy Pattern 2.

After 9 cm in Fancy Pattern 2, divide work as foll: bind off 12 sts, slip 42 sts onto cn for one sleeve, bind off 12 sts, work 54 sts in Fancy Pattern 2 with circular needle, bind off 12 sts, slip 42 sts onto cn for other sleeve, bind off 12 sts, work 54 sts in Fancy Pattern 2 . 

Cont in Fancy Pattern 2 in rnds.

After 17 cm from beg, work 2 cm in Seed Sticth and bind off sts.

Place sts of sleeve from cn onto needles size 5 mm, work 2 rows in St st and then work in Rib Patt.

For sleeve slants, dec 1 st 4 times each side every 10th row.

After 26 cm from beg of sleeve bind off sts.

Rep for other sleeve.


With circular needle, pick up 81 sts evenly around neck edge and work as foll: wrap needle with yarn 3 times into each st and work 1 row in St st. Drop yos. Then K3tog and 2 yos. 

Cont in Rib Patt. Work 2 sts out of each yo of prev row. Dec 1 st on 1st row.  

After 4 cm of Rib Patt bind off sts.

Sew sleeve seams and seams of BO sts.

pullover chart