Lace Yoke Dress

Published: 13/02/19
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Lace Yoke Dress

Sizes: S/M


Yarn: 500 g (100% Microfiber, yardage = 225 m/100 g); one pair quick knit needles and one circular needle, both size 2 mm (US 0); cable needle.

Stocking stitch (St st): Work RS rows K and WS rows P.

Fancy Pattern: 

Work according to chart 1. Only RS rows are shown. 

On WS rows, work all sts and yos P.

Lace Panel: 

Work according to chart 2. RS and WS rows are shown.

Work Rows 1-8 once.


in Fancy Pattern: 20 sts and 33 rows = 10 x 10 cm;

in St st: 21 sts and 32 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Work top down. 

With circular needle, cast on 100 sts and work 8 rnds in Lace Panel. 

Cont as foll: 16 sts for right sleeve, P1, 32 sts for back, P1, 16 sts for left sleeve, P1, 32 sts for front, P1.  

Then work 88 rnds in Fancy Pattern. 

Raglan Shaping: On Rnd 13 from beg, at each end of P1 inc 1 st, then 1 st 4 times on every 4th rnd, 1 st 19 times on every 3rd rnd = 292 sts (64 sts for right sleeve, P1, 80 sts for back, P1, 64 sts for left sleeve, P1, 80 sts for front, P1).  

Slip sleeve sts on cable needle.

Back and Front: 

On Rnd 89 from beg, inc evenly 16 sts (= 8 sts for back, 8 sts for front) = 176 sts. 

Then work 8 rnds in Fancy Patt, 8 rnds in Lace Panel, 178 rnds in St st, 8 rnds in Lace Panel.

On Rnd 291 from beg, bind off all sts.


On Row 89 from beg, inc 4 sts on either side = 72 sts. 

Work 104 rows in Fancy Pattern and 8 rows in Lace Panel. 

Sleeve Shaping: On Row 95 from beg, bind off 1 st at each end, then on every 6th row 1 st 15 times = 40 sts.

On Row 201 from beg, bind off all sts.


Sew sleeve seams.

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