Lace Pullover with Tassels

Published: 16/10/18
Category: Pullovers
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Lace Pullover with Tassels

Size: M


Yarn: 500 g (100% Cotton, yardage = 160 m/100 g); one pair quick knit needles 3-4 mm (US 2,5-6).


Cast on 83 sts and work acc to chart 1.  

Neckline Shaping: bind off center 29 sts, then on either side of them 4 sts once and 3 sts once every other row. 


Work same, but for neckline bind off center 21 sts and on either side of them 5 sts once and 3 sts twice. 


Close shoulder seams.

Pick up 61 sts evenly along side edges of back and front and work 26 cm acc to chart. 

Bind off sts.


Moisten the pieces, block to measurements and leave to dry. 

Sew side and sleeve seams. 

Tassel lower edge of pullover and sleeves.

pullover chart