Cardigan with Lace Pattern

Published: 31/08/17
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Cardigan with Lace Pattern

Size: 10 (US 8).


Yarn: 500 g (70% Microfiber/Viscose, 20% Linen, 10% Polyamide, yardage = 125m / 50g); 1 pair quick knit needle size 4.5-5 mm (US 7-8), crochet hook size 3.5-4 mm, 4 buttons.

Stockinette stitch (St st): work RS rows K and WS rows P.

Lace Pattern 1: work according to chart.

Lace Pattern 2: Multiple of 5 + 2 selv sts. 

1st row: Knit. 

2nd row: Purl. 

3d row: Knit.

4th row: selv st, * P1, 2 yo, rep from *, selv st. 

5th row: selv st, * slip 5 sts, drop yos and draw up sts, slip 5 elongated sts back onto LH needle; K5tog tbl, yo, K1 (pass all 5 sts over), yo, K1 (pass all 5 sts over) = 5 new sts; rep from *, selv st.    

6th row: Purl. 

7th, 9th and 11th rows: Knit. 

8th and 10th rows: Purl. 

Repeat Rows 4-11 throughout.


over Lace Pattern 1: 22 sts and 34 rows = 10 x 10 cm;

over Lace Pattern 2: 22 sts and 25 rows = 10 x 10 cm; 

over St st: 22 sts and 30 rows = 10 x 10 cm.


Cast on 116 sts and work in Lace Pattern 1. Work 6 patt reps bet selv sts. 

Work patt rep 13 times in height = about 46 cm in height. Then knit 2 rows. 

Work 46 rows (about 19 cm) in Lace Pattern 2. Inc 1 st on 1st row = 117 sts, end with 5th row and purl on last row.

Armhole Shaping: At the same time, when work measures 56 cm from beg, bind off 10 sts on either side = 97 sts.  

On completion of Lace Pattern 2, finish piece in St st.  

Neckline Shaping: When work measures 77 cm from beg, bind off center 17 sts and complete both sides separately. For rounding on every 2nd row also bind off 4 sts 3 times and 3 sts once.

Shoulder Slants: At the same time, when work meas 77 cm from outer edge, bind off 5 sts 5 times on every 2nd row.

Left Front: 

Cast on 59 sts and work in same pattern sequence as for back. Work 3 patt reps bet selv sts. After about 46 cm from beg and 2 knitted rows, while moving on to Lace Pattern 2, inc 3 sts evenly across 1st row = 62 sts.   

Armhole Shaping: At same height, bind off 10 sts on right side = 52 sts. 

On completion of Lace Pattern 2, finish piece in St st. Dec 2 sts in 1st row. For rounding on left side dec or bind off 2 sts 4 times and 1 st 17 times on every 2nd row.

Right Front: Work in reverse.


Cast on 72 sts. Knit 2 rows. 

Cont in Lace Pattern 2. For sleeve slants, at each end inc 1 st 5 times on every 10th row and 1 st 5 times on every 8th row, working sts into patt = 92 sts. 

Cont even. When piece measures 41 cm from cast on, bind off sts.


Sew shoulder, side and sleeve seams. Set in sleeves. 

With crochet hook, work 2 rnds sc and 1 rnd crab st (= sc from left to right) around edges of fronts and neckline. 

Make 4 button loops evenly spaced between beg of neckline and beg of patt 1 (about 19 cm). With double strand, missing 2 sts of prev row, make 7 ch. 

Sew on buttons.

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