Yellow Knitted Napkin

Published: 30/09/18
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Yellow Knitted Napkin

Diameter: 24.5 cm 


15 g of yellow yarn (100% Fine Bamboo); crochet hook #1; double-pointed needles #1. 


With dpn #1, cast on 16 sts and divide evenly on 4 needles = 4 sts each.

Knit 2 rows.

Rep patt twice on each needle.

Even-numbered rows: knit..

On Row 30, bind off all sts. 

Do not cut off yarn.

Crochet trimming: 

Crochet around napkin edge from Row 1 through Row 3 acc to chart.  

Join every row with sl st to first st.


Moisten the finished napkin, stretch it and leave to dry.

knitted napkin chart