Square-Shaped Leaf-Pattern Knit Pillow

Published: 04/11/19
Category: Knit Pillows
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Square-Shaped Leaf-Pattern Knit Pillow


Yarn: 200 g; needles size 5 mm (US 8). 

4 leaf motifs are worked separately and then are joined with invisible seam.

Reverse stocking stitch (Rev st st): Work RS rows P and WS rows K.


Cast on 3 sts and work as foll:

Row 1: K1, M1 tbl, K1, M1 tbl, K1 = 5 sts.

Row 2: purl.

Continue in Leaf Pattern according to chart 1.

On WS rows work all sts as they appear, purl yos.

To increase sts at ends, work 1 yo after 1st st and 1 yo before last st.


Work sts along the sides of leaf in Rev St st for the leaf to stand out.


1st row: Knit.

2nd row: Purl.

3rd row: K1, 1 yo, K1, 1 yo, K1.

4th row and all even rows: Work sts as they appear.

5th row: 1 selv st (k), 1 yo, K2, 1 yo, K1, 1 yo, K2, 1 selv st (k).

6th row: Cont to work. Add sts at ends and increase the leaf working constantly 1 yo, K1, 1 yo in the middle.

After 8 incs, beg to bind off the leaf working 2 sts tog at its ends.

When the leaf is complete, cont to work in horizontal rib. After 1st st and before last st, work 2 sts tog until there is only 1 st left.

Horizontal rib:

1st row: Knit.

2nd row: Purl.

3rd row: Knit.

4th row: Knit.

5th row: Purl.

6th row: Knit.

Repeat rows 1- 6 throughout.

Chart 1


knitpillow knitpillow knitpillow knitpillow

Pillow knitted in round with double-pointed needles

Leaf Pattern:

Work according to chart 2. Only odd-numbered rnds are shown.

On even-numbered rnds work all sts as they appear, work yos as indicated.

Work Rnds 1 - 36 once.


With dpn, cast on 12 sts and divide evenly on 4 needles = 3 sts each.

Work 1 rnd K. Inc 1 st from horizontal strand on each needle = 16 sts. 

Cont to work in Leaf Patt.

After Rnd 36, only work on one needle as foll:

alt 2 rnds K, 2 rnds P, dec 1 st at both ends after and before selv st

Work as established until there is only 1 st left.

Rep on the other three needles.

Chart 2, 3