Delicate Green Knitted Napkin

Published: 30/09/18
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Delicate Green Knitted Napkin

Diameter: 29 cm


20 g of light green yarn (100% Cotton, 200 m/50 g); crochet hook #1; double-pointed needles #1; circular needle #1.


With dpn, cast on 12 sts and divide evenly on 4 needles = 3 sts each.

Knit 2 rnds.

Foll the chart. 

Work Rnds 1-13 once.

Knit all even-numbered rnds.

Rep patt 3 times on each needle. 

Before working Rnd 41, slip yo of prev rnd from LH needle onto RH needle. Cont to work patt rep acc to chart. 

Beg with Rnd 23, change to circular needle.

On Rnd 27, create 2 sts (K1, P1) from 1 st of Rnd 25.

On Rnd 45, bind off all sts. 

Do not cut off yarn.

Crochet trimming: 

Crochet around edge from Rnd 1 to Rnd 2 acc to chart. 

Join every rnd with sl st to first st.


Starch the finished napkin, stretch it and leave to dry.

knitted napkin chart

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