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Pullover in Fancy Pattern

Published: 08/04/16
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Pullover in Fancy Pattern

Sizes: 12/14


255 g NAKO SIRIUS (100% Acrylic, yardage = 440 m/100 g); 1 pair knit needles size US 0 (2 mm) and one auxiliary needle.

Garter stitch: Knit on RS and WS rows.

Fancy pattern: 

Work according to chart. Only RS rows are shown.

On WS rows work all sts as they appear, purl yos.

Repeat Rows 1-12.

Gauge: 28 sts and 34 rows = 10 x 10 cm.


Note: Front and Back, with Sleeves are worked sideways, beg with the lower sleeve edge.

Beg with Right Sleeve edge, cast on 97 sts and work 4 rows in garter st. 

Then work 36 rows even in Fancy pattern. 

Sleeve shaping: In Row 41 from beg, inc 1 st at each end, then on every 2nd row inc 1 st 29 times = 157 sts. 

In Row 101 from beg, for front and back, cast on 64 sts at each side = 285 sts. 

Then work 36 rows even in Fancy pattern.

Neckline Shaping: In Row 137 from beg, divide the work in the middle, bind off center 1 st and work each side separately.

Place 142 Back sts on stitch holder. 

Front (over 142 sts): 

Work 83 rows even in Fancy pattern. 

Lay work aside.

Back: Work same as Front. 

Place the sts on holder to needle and work over all 284 sts. 

In Row 221 from beg, inc center 1 st = 285 sts. 

Then work 36 rows even in Fancy pattern. 

In Row 257 from beg, for the sleeve, bind off 64 sts at each side = 157 sts.

Sleeve shaping: In Row 259 from beg, dec 1 st at each side, then bind off 1 st on every 2nd row 29 times = 97 sts. 

Then work 36 rows even in Fancy pattern.

Rows 353-356 work in garter st.  

Then bind off all sts in garter st.


Sew side and sleeve seams.

Band: Pick up 113 sts from lower edge of front and back, work 6 rnds in garter st and bind off all sts.

Pullover chart

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