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Coat with Cable Diamonds

Published: 13/11/18
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Coat with Cable Diamonds

Size: M


Yarn: 800 g (50% Wool, 50% Acrylic, yardage = 300 m/100 g); 1 circular needle size 4 mm (US 6), 5 buttons.

Garter st (gst): RS and WS rows P.

Seed Stitch:  

Work acc to chart 1. Only RS rows are shown. On WS rows, work sts as they appear.

Repeat Rows 1-4 throughout.

Basic Pattern: 

Work acc to chart 2. Only RS rows are shown. On WS rows, work sts as they appear.

Work rows 1-11 once, then repeat rows 13-42 throughout.


Work in one piece top down.


Cast on 90 sts and work in Seed Stitch. At the same time, shape raglan lines. 

To do that, work as foll: 2 sts for raglan line, 14 sts for sleeve, 16 sts for back, 18 sts (7 sts in Seed Sticth acc to chart 1, 10 sts in gst, selv st) for fronts.

Work buttonholes evenly spaced on right front band. 

For slants, inc 1 st 18 times on either side of raglan line sts on every RS row. 

When piece measures 24 cm from beg, place sts of sleeves on holder.. 

Work body in one piece in Basic Pattern.

In each row rep, at beg of diamond, inc 2 sts for each diamond evenly across width of work. 

When work measures 90 cm from cast on, bind off sts.

Place sts of sleeves on holder to needle and cont acc to chart 2. 

For sleeve shaping, bind off 1 st 12 times each side on every 6th RS row. 

When piece measures 70 cm from cast on, bind off sts.


Sew in sleeves. 

Collar: Pick up sts along neckline and work 20 cm in gst. 

Sew on buttons.

coat chart

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