Blouse crochet

Published: 13/11/10
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Blouse crochet
grass green no. 1 thread, 150 grams white bleaching, 250 grams no. 4 key needle dark green velvet ribbon,width — 2.5 cm,length — 250 cm,
7 silver buttons, diameter — 1 cm;
Completed Dimensions:
bust — 80 cm;
length — 49 cm;
shoulder width — 29 cm;
sleeve length — 27 cm.
Gauge: 10 cm = 7.5 patterns = 10 rows
Crochet with both white and green thread together, ch 192, following pattern diagram and diagram (1), while increasing the sides, do 21 rows, do the space for the sleeves.
From the sleeve line, do the front and back separately, do the upper front and leave spaces for the buttons.
For the overhang, make 16 pineapples.
For the sleeves, ch 72, and following diagram  (5), make the rim of the sleeve into a ring.
To the sleeve's mouth, do 6 pineapples like those of the waist.
Join the shoulders by si st, join the sleeves by the body by (ch 1, sc).
To the neckline, front edge and skirt, go around with sc and 3-ch picot, and do also the sleeve's mouth.
To the body, pass 127 cm ribbon and to the sleeves pass 60 cm ribbon each, and tie them.
Attach buttons.
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