Checker Stitch Knitting Pattern

Published: 23/11/20
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Checker Stitch Knitting Pattern

Checker Stitch Knitting Pattern

How to knit Checker Stitch:

Multiple of 10 + 2 selvage sts.

Cast on 22 sts and work according to сhart.

RS rows and WS rows are shown.

Read RS rows from right to left, WS rows from left to right.

The pat rep = 10 sts.

Row 1: knit all sts.

Row 2: purl all sts.

Row 3: selvage st (edge st), p3, slip wyib4, p3, slip wyib4, p3, selvage st.

Row 4: selvage st, k3, slip wyif4, k6, slip wyif4, k3, selvage st.

Row 5: work as for Row 3.

Row 6: work as for Row 4.

Row 7: knit all sts.

Row 8: purl all sts.

Row 9: knit all sts.

Row 10: purl all sts.

Row 11: selvage st, slip wyib2, p6, slip wyib4, p6, slip wyib2, selvage st.

Row 12: selvage st, slip wyif2, k6, slip wyif4, k6, slip wyif2, selvage st.

Row 13: work as for Row 11.

Row 14: work as for Row 12.

Row 15: knit all sts.

Row 16: purl all sts.

Repeat Rows 1-16 thoughout.

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