Top with Lace Patterns

Published: 23/05/18
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Top with Lace Patterns

topSizes: 14/16 (US 10/12)


Yarn: 200 g (50% Cotton, 50% bamboo, yardage = 375 m/100 g); one pair quick knit needles 2 mm (US 0) and crochet hook size 2.5 mm (US C).

Stocking stitch (St st): work RS rows K and WS rows P.

Lace Edging: Multiple of 16 + 3.

Work according to chart 1. Only RS rows are shown. On WS rows, work all sts and yos P.

Beg with 9 sts before patt rep, rep patt 4 (5) times, end with 10 sts after patt rep.  

topRep rows 1-18 once.

Lace Flower (19 sts in width): 

Work according to chart 2. Only RS rows are shown. On WS rows, work all sts and yos P.

Rep rows 1-36 once.

Lace Yoke: 

Work according to chart C. Only RS rows are shown. On WS rows, work all sts and yos P.

On each foll 2nd row, acc to chart C, widen patt towards both outer sides by 1 st.

topGauge over St st: 18 sts and 26 rows = 10 x 10 сm.


Cast on 147 sts and work 18 rows in Lace Edging for band.

Then cont in St st.

For waist shaping, dec 1 st 8 times at each end of band on every 6th row.

Work 2nd and 3d sts tog kwise at right end, work skpo with 3d and 2nd to last sts at left end = 131 sts. 

After 14 cm from band, at each end inc 1 st 4 times on every 14th row.

topFor widening, pick up loop after 2nd st and before 2nd to last st and K tbl = 139 sts.

When piece measures 32 cm from beg, start to work Lace Yoke acc to chart C. 

Armhole Shaping: After 36 cm from beg, bind off at each end 6 sts, then 2 sts 4 times on every 2nd row and 2 sts twice on every 4th row.

When piece measures 45 cm from beg, for V-neck shaping, bind off 1 center st and complete both sides separately.

Decs for neckline slant work out automatically acc to chart (part 2).

When piece measures 57 cm from beg, bind off rem 17 sts each side for shoulders.


Work same as for back, but after 16 cm from beg work Lace Flower over center 19 sts acc to chart 2.


Join all seams.

With crochet hook, work 1 rnd sc (single crochet) around armhole and neck edges.

top chart