Round Yoke Top

Published: 25/06/19
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Round Yoke Top

topSize: M


Yarn: 300 g (47% Cotton, 53% Viscose, yardage = 400 m/100 g); one circular needle size 3 mm (US 2.5).

Leaf Pattern:

Work according to chart. Chart only shows odd-numbered rnds.

On even-numbered rnds work all sts as they appear, work yos K.

Beg with Row 50, work yos K tbl.

Top is worked top down in rnds.

With circular needle, cast on 180 sts (= 20 patt reps) and join for working in rnds. 

top Then work yoke in rnds in Leaf Pattern.

While working, the number of sts will be increasing. 

The last round of yoke = 440 sts.

Then work K132 (= 6 leaves) for back. Bind off 88 sts (= 4 leaves) for right armhole. Work 132 sts (= 6 leaves) for front. Bind off 88 sts (= 4 leaves) for left armhole.  

Close sts of body in circle = 264 sts, and work in St st in rnds for 38 cm or to the required length. 

Then bind off all sts. 

With crochet hook, work 1 rnd sc (single crochet) evenly around neckline, sleeves and lower edge of top.

top chart