Band Collar Top in Lace Pattern

Published: 14/07/19
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Band Collar Top in Lace Pattern

Sizes (Europe): 34/36 (40/42) 46/48 


Yarn: 250 (300) 350 g (100% Organic Cotton, yardage = 112 m/50 g); long and short circular needles size 3.5 mm (US 4), crochet hook size 3 mm (US C).

Lace Pattern: Multiple of 18 sts.

Work according to chart. Only odd-numbered rnds/RS rows are shown.

On even-numbered rnds/WS rows work all sts as they appear or as established, work yos as established. 

Rep pattern from Rnd/Row 1 to Rnd/Row 28.

Gauge (measured slightly stretched): 21.5 sts and 27 rnds/rows = 10 x 10 cm. 


Top is worked until armholes in rnds.

Cast on 180 (216) 252 sts working long-tail cast-on and join to work in rnds.

Mark beg and center of rnd. 1st p stitch of 1st and 6th (7th) 8th patt rep forms side line (see chart) = front and back, 90 (108) 126 sts each piece.  

Work in Lace Pattern.

Armhole Shaping: When work measures 31 cm = 84 rnds from beg, bind off 9 sts each side over side lines as foll: bind off 5 sts, work 81 (99) 117 sts, bind off 9 sts, work 81 (99) 117 sts, bind off 4 sts. 

Put sts of front aside and finish back. 

For armhole rounding at both ends bind off 1 st 3 (5) 7 more times on every 2nd row = 75 (89) 103 sts. 

Make sure that yos are balanced by sts worked tog and vice versa.

After 49 cm = 132 rows (52 cm = 140 rows) 55 cm = 148 rows from beg, for shoulders, bind off at each end 14 (21) 28 sts and put center 47 sts aside for neckline. 


Finish front in same way, but for neckline put center 33 sts aside after 43 cm = 116 rows (46 cm = 124 rows) 49 cm = 132 rows from beg and complete both sides separately.

For slant, at inside edge bind off 1 st 7 times on every 2nd row.

When work matches back to shoulders, bind off rem 14 (21) 28 sts.



Sew shoulder seams.

For band collar, with short circular needle, pick up 14 sts along virtually left neckline slant, work 33 pending sts in patt, pick up 14 sts along right neckline slant and work 47 pending sts of back neck in patt = 108 sts.    

Rep Rows 1-4 of Lace Pattern throughout. Cast-on rnd is now Rnd 1, so cont in patt respectively. 

Cont until collar meas 8 cm = 22 rnds. Work 2 rnds with double yarn as foll:

Rnd 1: alt slip 1 st pwise, yarn forward, P1.

Rnd 2: alt P1, slip 1 st pwise, yarn forward.

Then bind off all sts kwise with single yarn. 

With crochet hook, work 1 rnd sc and sl st around armholes.

top chart