Sweater With Leaf Pattern

Published: 23/11/14
Category: Sweaters
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Sweater With Leaf Pattern

Sizes: 16/18.


Yarn: 500 g (50% mohair, 50% Acrilic, yardage = 450 m/100 g); 1 pair quick knit needles and 1 circular needle, both size 2.5 mm.

Stocking stitch: Work RS rows K and WS rows P.

Garter stitch in rnds: All 1 rnd K, 1 rnd P.

Leaf Pattern: Work acc to chart.

Gauge: 24 sts and 31 rows = 10 x 10 cm.


Cast on 129 sts.

Work in patt as folls:

Rows 1, 2, 3: Knit.

Rows 4, 5, 6: Purl.

Rows 7, 8, 9: Knit.

Row 10: Purl.

Row 11: * K2tog, yo, rep from * to end.

Row 12: Purl.

Cont in St st until piece measures 36 cm from beg.

At the same time, for side slants, at both ends dec 1st on 4 foll 12th rows, then at both ends inc 1st on 4 foll 12th rows.

Shape armholes: At both ends cast off 4 sts, then on every foll alt row 3 sts once, 2 sts once and 1 st 3 times.

Cont even.

Shape neck: When work meas 57 cm from beg, cast off centre 13 sts and complete both sides separately.

Cast off 6 sts on 1 foll alt row, 7 sts on 1 foll alt row at neck edge for inner rounding.


Work as given for back, only after lower border has been completed, beg to work in leaf patt as folls: selv st, k19, 89 sts Leaf Pattern, k19, selv st.

Shape neck: When work meas 52 cm from beg, cast off centre 11 sts and finish both sides separately.

Shape inside edge of neck: On foll alt rows cast off 4 sts once, 3 sts once, 2 sts twice and 1 st 3 times.

Work 6 rows even.


Cast on 55 sts, work 12 rows for the border, as given for back, cont to work in St st.

Shape sleeve slant: At both ends inc 1st on 15 foll 8th rows.

Shape sleeve cap: When work meas 45 cm, cast off 4 sts at each end, then on every alt row 2 sts 3 times, 1 st 14 times, 2 sts 3 times and 4 sts once.

Cast off rem sts.


Join shoulder seams.

Join side and sleeve seams.

Using circular needle pick up 84 sts from neckline and work in garter st, beg with 1 rnd purl.

When neckband meas 3 cm, cast off all sts.